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Installation of SimpleSAMLphp

In order to install SimpleSAMLphp you need to follow the installation guide at either one of these two links:

  1. SimpleSAMLphp Installation and Configuration
  2. SimpleSAMLphp Identity Provider QuickStart

Attention: Not until you've completed the steps above you can adapt the configuration for Entree Federation as described in the following.

Adapt configuration for Entree Federation

Next we need to make some changes to the configuration of SimpleSAMLphp so the connection with Entre Federation will work.
Attention: The following configuration examples are additions or modifications. The php-tags ar not included.

Configure userstore in authsources.php

In the file authsources.php you have to configure what kind of userstore you will be using. For example the userstore could be an LDAP, an SQL database, a file or an array. A summary of the options can be found at SimpleSAMLphp Identity Provider QuickStart.

In this example we'll use the option exampleauth:UserPass. As an userstore we will be using an array containing usernames and passwords.

    'demoSAMLIdP' => array(
        'user:demo' => array(
            'uid' => array('username@demoOrgansisation'),
            'eduPersonAffiliation' => array('student'),
            'employeeNumber' => '123456789',
            'mail' => '',
            'givenName' => 'John',
            'sn' => 'Doe',
            'nlEduPersonHomeOrganizationId' => 'BRIN',
            'nlEduPersonHomeOrganization' => 'My School'

Invoke userstore from metadata/saml20-idp-hosted.php

In the file metadata/saml20-idp-hosted.php