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KNF-symbol.png Entree Federation: Logos and branding

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Logging in through Entree Federation is possible on a ever growing number of websites. A consistent use of text and images helps the user recognise this option. Therefor we provide images that can be used on your website.


If you want to use text based link on your website we would prefer it when you use one of the following options:

  • Login via Entree
  • Inloggen via Entree


In case you want to use a button to let users log in through Entree Federation, you can use one of the images below:

Description Theme Format Example
Entree button dark 165 x 30 pixels Entree button donker 165x30.png

Entree button dark 220 x 40 pixels Entree button donker 220x40.png

Entree button dark 330 x 60 pixels Entree button donker 330x60.png

Entree button dark 440 x 80 pixels Entree button donker 440x80.png

Entree button light 165 x 30 pixels Entree button licht 165x30.png

Entree button light 220 x 40 pixels Entree button licht 220x40.png

Entree button light 330 x 60 pixels Entree button licht 330x60.png

Entree button light 440 x 80 pixels Entree button licht 440x80.png

Description Format Example
Entree logo 32 x 32 pixels Entree logo 32x32.png

Entree logo 48 x 48 pixels Entree logo 48x48.png

Entree logo 50 x 50 pixels Entree logo 50x50.png

Entree logo 100 x 100 pixels Entree logo 100x100.png

Entree logo 200 x 200 pixels Entree logo 200x200.png

Entree logo 256 x 256 pixels Entree logo 256x256.png

Entree logo 320 x 320 pixels Entree logo 320x320.png

Entree logo 400 x 400 pixels Entree logo 400x400.png


Below we provide several productlabels you can use in your communication about Entree Federation or Entree Account.

Description Format Example
Productlabel Entree 976 x 160 pixels Productlabel Entree.png

Productlabel Entree Federation 544 x 160 pixels Productlabel Entree Federatie.png

Productlabel Entree Account 544 x 160 pixels Productlabel Entree Account.png